Sunday, May 24, 2009

Moving boxes, anyone?

After announcing our move today on Facebook, a friend from high school suggested I blog about the moving experience, so I will attempt to....So, we are having to get moving estimates to send to the church. We have had 2 moving companies come out to the house, walk through, ask "Does this go?", peek into cabinets and closets (it has not been pretty), gawk at the monstrosity that is our garage, etc. In all of this, we are planning to pack our own things, in hopes of downsizing. So we are in need of moving boxes. Now, we can just buy them from a moving company, or we can try to get them from someone who has just moved. We thought that trying to get used boxes is the 'greener' way to go, so we placed ads on and have been scanning craigslist with no luck until today. I received an email from a woman that read "call at 4xxxxxxxxx i good boxs". I wasn't sure if I should respond to this email, but then I notice the time was 4am when the message was sent. I am thinking that this poor woman has just moved and must have a small child or baby that is keeping her up at night, thus the grammar. So I call her this afternoon, ask about the kinds of boxes, etc. She tells me that she purchased the boxes from a moving store and that she has all sizes. We are thinking that we have hit the jackpot and agree to go pick them up this afternoon. She agrees to set them out in front of her house.
After piling all 5 of us into the van, we drive to this woman's house, only to find about 10 boxes, paper towel boxes, boxes she has picked up from a liquor store or grocer. And many of the boxes were crushed or ripped. We just kept right on going. Guess we will be going to a moving company to buy boxes this week...

Announcing a Move...

Well, for the past couple of months, our family has been contemplating a move. Not just any move, but a pretty big one. After much deliberation, a visit, many interviews with my husband and his new employer, we decided: We are moving to New Orleans!
While we will terribly miss our friends and church family, we are very excited about the move. Today, The World's Greatest Husband had to announce our move, and his new job, to our congregation. Many of them said that they have been expecting this to come. And I think they are all very happy for us and hope that this is a great opportunity. What a great response! After TWGH's sermon, he said that we had about 6 weeks left together and we could either spend that time avoiding each other or we could spend that time telling each other good-bye. I think we have all decided to spend that time telling each other good-bye. So, today this journey begins....

Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Krispy Kreme Challenge

I saw a clip from this yesterday on ESPN. I don't usually watch ESPN, in fact I go out of my way to avoid it. But I was at the gym and I looked up at one of the TVs and there it was, hundreds of people running, and then they all stop and grab a box of donuts. Well, I had to switch my TV channel on my little headphone thing. Glad I did...

Saturday, March 14, 2009


I don't know how many people meander over to my blog, but if you are reading, please read on...My sister-in-law sent out the following email last night to everyone in her address book. So I am posting it here for all of you to see and read. (I hope Julie doesn't mind. I don't think she will if it gets more prayers for Jacob.) Her youngest son, Jacob (will be 9 y.o. on May 5) was just this week diagnosed with a rare form of cancer in his spine. It is breaking my heart, and cannot imagine the fright, heartache, anger, frustration, pain, etc. that Julie, Jeff and their kids are feeling. The following is Julie's message she sent out. Please read it, and please pray for Jacob...

"I've been up since 3:30. Can't sleep and can't quit talking to God. My thoughts are not very clear but something has drawn me to send this to everyone on my email list.

Please pray for Jacob for this morning. We are meeting with a pediatric neurosurgeon this morning at 10:00 in Huntington. There is a tumor near the base of Jacob's spine. There is also fluid at the top, which has caused spaces in between his spine which is causing the curving. This is a very rare type of cancer. It is hard to detect. We found it on-line last night. Some of the symptoms for this are stomach pain, constipation, low muscle tone. He possibly has had this since birth. Jeff also read some where that it hides and that is why nothing has shown up in his blood work.

I don't know what God has in store for us.

I do know that God can heal him and I have complete faith in Him that He will take care of us. I can take anything that is thrown at us as long as I know that my little boy is going to be okay.

There is so much strength in numbers - PLEASE PRAY for us.

Please pray that God leads us to the right doctors who can help Jacob. Pray that Jacob has the courage and the strength for the future. He is so scared. He hates all the needles and the tests. He has been through so much this week. His little body is so frail.

Last night when I tucked Jacob into bed - he hugged me and said "thanks mommy for helping me to get better". The only thing that we have told Jacob is that there are some bad sick germs trapped in his spine and we have to find a way to get them out. When we do, his stomach and his legs will not hurt anymore.

We all know that Jacob can be a little twirp!!! As frustrated as he makes me, I couldn't image one second without him in my life. His smile lights up the room and his unacceptable behavior always brings a hidden laugh (and embarrassment) that only Jeff and I can understand. He is so tried of the doctors and tired of us TALKING to doctors. Yesterday he shouted at the oncologist "Hey Dude, stop talking!" and then kicked him and flicked him in the face.

Thanks for your prayers and PLEASE DON'T STOP!!!!!!!

This weekend, Julie and Jeff are compiling a list of all of their questions to meet w/the doctor on Monday. They will be making the decision of where to have Jacob's operation/treatment...a huge decision. Please keep them in your thoughts/prayers.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

National Wildlife Week

This morning The First Born woke up not feeling too well. At first we thought maybe she caught some kind of stomach bug going around. After a little rest, she was back to her normal chattering self. She loves to get magazines in the mail. Right now she gets Ranger Rick and Ask, both were gifts from family members. (And both of these are excellent children's mags, with no advertising.) To keep order of all of these publications, The World's Greatest Husband went out and got all of the kids, and me, magazine files.
So The First Born has all of her magazines ordered and such. So this morning after she began to feel better, she dove right into her magazine collection, pummeling me with numerous facts about animals. She then asked me when "National Wildlife Week" was. I told her that I didn't know. (This is her way of either quizzing me, or letting me know that this is something she would like to discuss.) After a while, she informed me that "National Wildlife Week" is March 16-20, and could we put it on our family calendar. I said "Sure" and wrote it on the calendar for that week. She then proceeded to ask me what we should do for "National Wildlife Week". I said I didn't know; what did she suggest? "Maybe we could help out some of the wildlife animals around here."

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Trip to WV

Last week the children were out of school for "Winter Break". We made plans to drive to WV to visit family; we had not been to WV since last summer, July 4. So we were all looking forward to our trip. Despite not feeling well the week before the trip, we trudged onward. We arrived in WV with minor difficulties and were ready to start feeling better and visiting with family. Things did not go as we had hoped. The youngest, Taz, had a fever off and on all week; I was developing a terrible cold, as was The World's Greatest Husband, and then Classic Middle Child had to be taken to the ER for an ear infection.
Now, let me explain our "arrangements" when we visit WV. Both of our Mothers live about 10 minutes from each other. We have tried to split the time and stay with one side of the family for half of the trip and then the other side for the other half of the trip. That does not work out too well, too much moving around, packing up, etc. So The World's Greatest Husband stays with his mother, and the children and I stay with my sister. It is not ideal, but generally it works out ok. I needed to explain our "arrangements" in order to clarify that the children are primarily with me. It was me who took CMC to the ER at 1 am, and it was me who was up with Taz every couple of hours monitoring his fever and giving him the remedy of choice. All the while, The World's Greatest Husband was recuperating on his mother's couch, in front of the TV! Imagine my shock when after arriving back home, I overheard The World's Greatest Husband on the phone with a friend. He was recounting our trip to WV, and I quote "I (he actually said 'I'!!!) had to take CMC to the ER at 1 am". Are you kidding me?????

Look out Comedy Central...jokes around the table

I like to think that members of my family have good senses of humor. If you knew some of the people in my family, you would agree. We like to laugh together, tell funny stories and tell jokes. The First Born and Classic Middle Child also like to tell jokes. TFB had really gotten into it and we even encouraged this new hobby by checking out some joke books from our local library. But after a few days of constant "Hey Mom/Dad, What did the ____ say to the ____?" (you fill in the blanks), we had had enough. So the joke books went back to the library shelves.
Now TFB and CMC will tell us jokes that they find in a book/magazine, and even ones that they have made up. Some of the made up jokes are pretty funny, and some are just, well funny because we are right there in the moment and the joke teller is laughing so heartily at his/her joke, you can't help but laugh too.

So here is the first installment of jokes around the table, this one by CMC:

CMC: "What did the dog say to the tree?"
me: "I like your bark"
CMC: "No. You have more leaves than I can count. Get it? Trees have too many leaves to count!" (followed by hearty belly laughs.)